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About Us

The Leadership Care Fund was created by Fargo Police Department leadership who have recognized the need for financial support for Fargo Police Department members in need. This group of people care deeply about the men and women who serve and sacrifice daily for our community, and were looking for a way to support them. They also recognize a desire by the community to help and contribute in times of need and tragedy.


Although the Leadership Care Fund is a separate organization from the Fargo Police Department, the Fargo Police Department fully supports the work of the Leadership Care Fund.

This fund will provide financial support for Fargo Police Department members who experience life-altering events. Some of these events are positive, such as the birth or adoption of a child. Most of these however, are not. Medical emergencies or life-changing medical diagnosis can place extreme mental and financial stress on department members. Helping to ease financial stress during these situations is typically the most impactful way those who aren't close to these members and their families can help. While often not publicized, Fargo Police Department members have recently experienced an unfortunate number of personal tragic events.

How does it work?

Funds donated to the Leadership Care Fund, Inc are distributed to Fargo Police Department members, both sworn and civilian, that are experiencing an unexpected medical or life-altering event. This may be the birth or adoption of a child, or an unexpected medical diagnosis or injury. Funds are not used for Fargo Department business, equipment, or operations. Funds are solely used to assist department members and their families.

When you donate, you will receive a receipt for your records, and you will know that you've supported an officer or department member during a stressful time of their life. 

Department members are nominated by their peers or a supervisor. All nominations are reviewed by the Leadership Care Fund board to verify the nomination meets our criteria. After the nomination is reviewed and determined to meet our criteria, funds are distributed directly to the department member. 

You are not donating to the City of Fargo, or the Fargo Police Department. The Leadership Care Fund, Inc is a separate legal entity. Specifically, we are a nonprofit corporation registered with the State of North Dakota. We have been recognized by the IRS as a public charity under chapter 501(c)(3).

Clicking "donate" will bring you to our donation processor's website.

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